October 30, 2020

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A brief history of Morse Code

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Morse code has been in use since the 1840s. when American inventor Samuel Morse patented his first telegraph machine, Telegraph messages were sent over wires by lapping out sequences of long and short electrical pulses representing letters and numbers. The code was lapped out as breaks in the electrical circuit, which would then be translated into a series of dots,
dashes, and spaces.

Morse code was easily adapted for visual signaling wilh flags. blinkers, and flashing lights. By lhe end of the 19th century International Morse code was used
extensively for radio communications.

Radiotelephony became important during World War I and World War II. Phonetic code words that had developed in the field became standardize l radio alphabets used as call signs lo identify ships and station’s, for spelling out words, and for abbreviating common messages. Today, internationally recognized phonetic code words like “Alfa, Bravo, Charlie” are used for radio communications, aviation, military, and
civilian purposes.

Read more at Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morse_code

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