September 3, 2019

Volunteer State Amateur Radio Club – VSARC

When all else fails, amateur radio! " CW key made by Rocky Metheny

VSARC News September 1, 2019

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Monday afternoon I received a call from Ken Oxford, the scout master for the Huntingdon boy scout troop. I was invited to attend their 7:00 meeting that night to discuss Amateur radio and how they could get their Technician license. I was more than happy and honored to do that. The meeting went very well and I think we have 8 scouts and possibly a couple of adults wanting to attend a technician class. That class will start Monday, Sept. 9th and go for about 10 week. After that we’ll test them. There is also interest from a couple of other scout troops in our area in getting their technician license as well.  John, W4JGO, and I were also invited to do a presentation of Amateur radio on September 17th for the Lion’s club luncheon in Huntingdon. We’ll have to prepare ourselves for that!….. Rich WB9SFG

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